Tumwater Water Removal


If your home has been flooded due to a nearby pipe burst or due to natural reasons, you’ll want the help of a reliable flood cleanup company. We can help.

We at 24/7 Flood and Fire are a water damage restoration company and offer superior quality services for water removal from Tumwater, WA homes.

As an experienced and established company, we offer water damage clean up by following 5 steps:

  • •   Inspection and assessment of damage
  • •   Water removal using latest equipment
  • •   Extraction and cleaning
  • •   Dehumidification
  • •   Deodorization


You can rely on our skilled and trained technicians for the proper and thorough water removal from your Tumwater home.

Our water cleanup services will ensure that even the hidden areas are cleaned and sanitized so that you do not have any traces of flooding left.

Tumwater Water Damage Repair


It is not just the flood water that is a problem when your house is flooded. The waste matter coming in from the burst sewage pipe lines and the growth of mold can prove to be more hazardous.

As a complete water damage restoration company, we offer high quality water damage repair services for Tumwater residents.

With our water removal and water damage repair services, you can be sure that your home will be:

  • •   Completely clean
  • •   Totally dry
  • •   Extremely safe


If you are worried about the water damage repair cost, then let us assure you that we charge reasonably. We understand your predicament and never charge overboard.

Instead, we even help you negotiate with the insurance companies so that you get financial assistance in time to meet your unexpected expenses.

Tumwater Flood Cleanup


With several flood cleanup companies offering services in Tumwater, choosing the best one can be a challenging task. However, you should consider the following factors when looking for the best company for flood cleanup:

  • •   Affordability
  • •   Experience
  • •   Reliability
  • •   Reputation and recommendation


You can choose us for water damage repair and flood cleanup in Tumwater as we possess all these qualities and more.

We use the best quality flood cleanup supplies and procedures to ensure the best cleanup services. You need not worry about the flood cleanup cost as we charge reasonably.

If your home has been flooded, you need reliable water removal and water damage repair services by a reputed company. If you’re located in Tumwater, call 24/7 Flood and Fire at (253) 218-3588.