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  • step one
    Step one: Thorough inspection to confirm the source and extent of the water damage.
  • step two
    Step two: Immediate relocation of undamaged or restorable contents and furnishings to an unaffected area, including full documentation.
  • step three
    Step three: Initial extraction of excess standing water to prevent further migration.
  • step four
    Step four: Relocation of non-salvageable contents and furnishings, including full documentation of items of value.
  • step five
    Step five: Removal of any non-salvageable building materials and fixtures or salvageable fixtures when required to address inaccessible wet or suspected wet areas.
  • step six
    Step six: Final extraction and detailed cleaning of entire work area, including hospital grade sanitization of remaining affected structure.
  • step seven
    Step seven: Placement of mechanical drying equipment to rapidly remove moisture trapped in the remaining structure. We back our drying services with a one year warranty against mold and other secondary damage.
  • step eight
    Step eight: Restoring your damaged home to its original condition. The experts at 24/7 Flood and Fire can do it all, from drywall patching and painting, to restoring hardwood floors and replacing cabinetry. We’ll restore your damaged areas to pre-loss or better condition, guaranteed!

Federal Way Water Damage

Water-Damage-Federal-Way-WAWhen you have water or flood damage in your Federal Way home or business place, you need to get it diagnosed and corrected as quickly as possible. The do-it yourself approach can lead to excess moisture being trapped in a myriad of different building materials that may appear dry to those without proper instrumentation.

In a short period of time this excess moisture can promote mold growth, putting your health at risk. And the long term effects can lead to dry rot in the structure, and costly repairs.

If you have discovered (or suspect) that water has gotten into your attic, crawlspace, wall or ceiling cavities, or under your flooring, you need the experience of well-trained water damage experts like 24/7 Flood and Fire to diagnose and correct the situation, to ensure you won't suffer any secondary or long term water damage.

One of our project managers can give you an onsite estimate and, if necessary, work hand-in-glove with you and your insurance company to determine your best course of action. And unlike many of our competitors, our project managers show up in fully equipped rolling warehouses, which means they can start work immediately. 

As a BBB accredited, family-owned and operated full service water damage cleanup and repair company, we have been helping Federal Way home and business owners with water and flood damage issues since 2007.  

Our top-quality water damage cleanup and repair services in the Federal Way and surrounding communities have earned us consecutive ‘Super Service’ awards from Angie’s List and also helped us gain:

  • •    A strong reputation in the water damage industry
  • •    A massive base of satisfied customers
  • •    The privilege of being the most locally referred water damage company by the plumbing industry

Federal Way Flood Damage

Flood-Damage-Federal-Way-WAHeavy seasonal rain and flooding are a common occurrence here in Federal Way. Even properly installed drainage systems can become overwhelmed after several days of heavy rain. When this happens, it is not uncommon to see unwanted water in your basement or crawl space, or even within the superstructure itself – even if your property isn't located in a flood zone! 

If actions are not taken to quickly extract this water and dry out any affected structural components, you may be faced with a serious repair bill. In some instances this work can be covered by your insurance company (less the deductible) – provided you act immediately.

Don't take the wait and see approach. Every day, insurance companies refuse to pay claims that would have been covered had the homeowner acted when they first discovered they had water damage.  

The most common causes of such water damage in Federal Way unrelated to rain are:  

  • •    Burst pipes - freezing weather, high water pressure
  • •    Backups in sewer or kitchen waste lines
  • •    Appliance failure - water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, ice makers

The extent of water damage can get worse with every hour of delay. This is why 24/7 Flood and Fire is available around the clock, 365 days a year to provide flood damage services when you need them the most. We want to be there when you need us, not just first thing Monday morning! Our aim is to help you get back to a safe and sound living environment as soon as humanly possible.

Federal Way Water Damage Cleanup

Water-Damage-Cleanup-Federal-Way-WAAccurate and thorough water damage cleanup and water damage repair is crucial for making your Federal Way property and its inhabitants safe.  

Our water damage cleanup and repair services involve a 5 step process. Because the health and safety of our Federal Way customers is our first concern, the first step is a thorough investigation to determine the extent of the water damage.

Timely and thorough water damage cleanup and repair is crucial for making your Federal Way property livable again, and for keeping your family healthy and safe.

To hire 24/7 Flood and Fire for flood damage and water damage cleanup in the Federal Way area, call (253) 218-3588.