Tumwater Water Damage Restoration


There is none better than 24/7 Flood & Fire for dealing with water damage restoration on a Tumwater, WA property after a heavy rainfall, burst pipe, or major sewer backup wreaks havoc on it.

We offer 24-hour water damage repair services throughout the region because water intrusion in any home or commercial building is an emergency situation that needs to be dealt with immediately, comprehensively. Besides leading to devastation in the form of warped wood, damaged electronics, ruined carpets, furniture and furnishings, etc., delay in water damage restoration can promote mold growth that is a serious health hazard.

Stay safe and minimize your losses by calling us when you need the help of commercial or residential water damage restoration experts in Tumwater. We understand your urgency and schedule the requested water damage repair services promptly. We take care that the technicians sent to you to repair water damage:

  • •    Are knowledgeable and trained
  • •    Have significant on-the-job experience
  • •    Come with cutting-edge equipment

Tumwater Water Damage Repair Services


We realize that arriving quickly on the scene of water damage is not much good if water damage repair services are not delivered with a detail-oriented approach. That is why we have made the effort to hand-pick technicians who do not just know how to repair water damage, but are committed to doing the job sincerely.

Our technicians have proven their considerable skills with seamless handling of countless water damage restoration jobs. Choose us ahead of all others for water damage repair services in Tumwater and have the peace of mind that your property is in the most capable and reliable hands.

Our well-planned and expertly executed water damage repair services leave your property:

  • •    Totally dry, with no fear of future mold issues
  • •    Clean, sanitized, and fresh-smelling
  • •    Restored to pre-damage condition or better

Tumwater Repair Water Damage


With us, you are assured of water damage restoration done by the finest in men and machines. This is not the only reason why we are the best people to repair water damage in the Tumwater area!

Hiring us to repair water damage also brings you the benefit of friendly values that are unique to a BBB-accredited, family-owned and operated company. We:

  • •    Work fast to get your family/work life back on track
  • •    Strive to keep water damage repair cost at a minimum
  • •    Extend 1-year guarantee of no mold/mildew

Bring in the experts at 24/7 Flood & Fire to repair water damage at your Tumwater property. Call (253) 218-3588.