Click here to expand details on our 8-step process to get you back to normal again

  • step one
    Step one: Thorough inspection to confirm the source and extent of the water damage.
  • step two
    Step two: Immediate relocation of undamaged or restorable contents and furnishings to an unaffected area, including full documentation.
  • step three
    Step three: Initial extraction of excess standing water to prevent further migration.
  • step four
    Step four: Relocation of non-salvageable contents and furnishings, including full documentation of items of value.
  • step five
    Step five: Removal of any non-salvageable building materials and fixtures or salvageable fixtures when required to address inaccessible wet or suspected wet areas.
  • step six
    Step six: Final extraction and detailed cleaning of entire work area, including hospital grade sanitization of remaining affected structure.
  • step seven
    Step seven: Placement of mechanical drying equipment to rapidly remove moisture trapped in the remaining structure. We back our drying services with a one year warranty against mold and other secondary damage.
  • step eight
    Step eight: Restoring your damaged home to its original condition. The experts at 24/7 Flood and Fire can do it all, from drywall patching and painting, to restoring hardwood floors and replacing cabinetry. We’ll restore your damaged areas to pre-loss or better condition, guaranteed!

Bellevue Water Damage Company


When looking for a water damage company in Bellevue, WA, 24/7 Flood & Fire is the perfect solution. Our Bellevue water damage company has been supporting the local community for many years, hence we have enough experience.

You will find that when it comes to your commercial and residential property, it is important to choose a Bellevue water damage company with industry expertise and knowledge.

Our Bellevue water damage company has a fleet of fully equipped emergency workers and trucks serving the region. We come to the scene very fast to begin our work thus minimizing and containing any further water damage.

Our Bellevue water damage company is:

  • Best water damage company
  • Emergency water damage company
  • Fire and water damage company
  • Restoration water damage company

If you need the best and reputable Bellevue water damage company, please feel free to get in touch with 24/7 Flood & Fire today!

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Bellevue Water Damage Companies


Are you searching for the best Bellevue water damage companies? Look no further than 24/7 Flood & Fire. We are one of the most reputable Bellevue water damage companies in the region with many years of experience. Our hands on approach working directly with our clients have enabled us to be trust all the region and beyond.

While looking for Bellevue water damage companies, you need to choose the company that can help you get out of the stressful and difficult situation and give you peace of mind. We are one of the most dependable Bellevue water damage companies since we will come to your location anytime upon contacting us.

Reliable Bellevue water damage companies should help in the following:

  • Emergency water removal
  • 24/7 water damage service
  • Fire and water damage restoration
  • Residential water damage restoration

When looking for one of the most trusted Bellevue water damage companies, you should get in touch with 24/7 Flood & Fire today!

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Bellevue Flood Damage Contractors


Flood damage may not only compromise the structural integrity of a building, but it can also pose a major health and safety risk to the people who live in or work in it. Our Bellevue flood damage contractors will help restore substantial flood damage caused by flash floods using simple mopping, blotting, and wiping techniques.

Our Bellevue flood damage contractors are experts on restoration which involves much more than just extracting water. Bellevue flood damage contractors will ensure affected areas have been thoroughly dried, dehumidified, and cleaned.

If you don't want to take any chances with the safety of your loved ones, employees, or property, place trust in the expertise of our Bellevue flood damage contractors. Our services involve:

  • Flood damage restoration
  • Flood damage to homes
  • Flood damage house repair
  • Commercial flood damage restoration

Are you wondering where to get fast and reliable Bellevue flood damage contractors? Worry no more! Call 24/7 Flood & Fire today!

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