Auburn Water Damage

Water-Damage-Auburn-WAWater damage is a common problem affecting residential and commercial properties. The reasons for water damage are diverse and include:

  • •    Plumbing failures
  • •    Flooding from heavy rainfall
  • •    Groundwater leaks
  • •    Hidden moisture

If left untreated, water damage or flood damage can cause extensive damage to the building as well as the furniture, appliances and other stuff inside it. If water or flood damage strikes your home or business place, only swift and thorough water damage cleanup can get your property and family/work life back on track.

And, for that you should call 24/7 Flood and Fire. We are available 24/7 with professional water damage cleanup and repair services to lend you a helping hand just when you need it.

Auburn Flood Damage

Flood-Damage-Auburn-WAFlood damage can not only jeopardize a building’s structural integrity, but also create serious health and safety hazards for its occupants. The severe water damage resulting from flash floods cannot be contained merely by mopping, blotting and wiping.

Water damage cleanup after floods goes much beyond water extraction. Flood damage is completely resolved only after the area is properly dried, dehumidified and disinfected.  

Therefore, recovery from flood damage is not a do-it-yourself project. If you don’t want to risk the safety of your loved ones, staff or property, trust your flood damage and water damage cleanup needs to us.

We offer you permanent respite from flood damage by:

  • •    Responding immediately to your flood damage restoration needs
  • •    Putting our certified water damage cleanup technicians on your job
  • •    Deploying the latest flood damage detection and repair equipment
  • •    Using the best flood damage cleanup procedures and treatments

Auburn Water Damage Cleanup

Water-Damage-Cleanup-Auburn-WAThe impact of water or flood damage can be lasting and devastating. Especially if the water damage cleanup is delayed or done carelessly. That is why you would do well to choose us for water damage cleanup.

Appreciating the need for urgency, we schedule your water damage cleanup job as fast as possible. Then, we carry out the water damage cleanup diligently to ensure that your water and flood damage issue is not just fixed for now, but also leaves no chance for future mold growth.

We also offer everything else you need for a satisfying water damage cleanup service experience, namely:

  • •    Upfront and fair pricing
  • •    Well-coordinated, hassle-free water damage cleanup job
  • •    Friendly customer service

Restore your property and peace of mind! Call 24/7 Flood and Fire at (253) 218-3588 for quality flood damage and water damage cleanup services.


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