Puyallup Smoke Damage


Fires can be devastating. While the fire itself is damaging, what adds to the fire restoration challenge is the damage caused by the smoke and soot that leave everything in a non-useable state. Get the help of fire damage cleanup professionals in Puyallup. Our restoration services include:

  • Removal of soot
  • Eliminate lingering smoke odor
  • Restore discolored interiors
  • Complete deodorization

You must understand that smoke damage cleanup is not a DIY task, as it requires an expert eye and hand to salvage items that might still be useable after some restoration.

Trust 24/7 Flood & Fire and call (253) 218-3588 when you require smoke damage cleanup in Puyallup.

Puyallup Fire Restoration


Fire restoration in Puyallup is challenging because besides the smoke damage and the fire damage, there is widespread damage due to the water and chemicals used to douse the fire. You want to ensure that you get complete fire restoration services in Puyallup at an affordable price.

Trust us as we are one of the leading fire restoration companies offering services in Puyallup for many years. Our Puyallup technicians have high restoration standards and will properly assess the damage. Assigning us the task of fire restoration assures you of the following:

  • Expert fire restoration
  • Removal of debris
  • Fire damage cleanup
  • Smoke damage cleanup

Our Puyallup technicians understand your plight and try to salvage as many items as possible so that your loss can be minimized. We provide thorough treatment services in Puyallup given with urgency and sensitivity.

Call 24/7 Flood & Fire at (253) 218-3588 for efficient and thorough fire restoration in Puyallup.

Puyallup Fire Damage


Fire damage restoration must be initiated as soon as the fire is put out in Puyallup because the water and chemicals used for dousing the fire can further damage the property if not dealt with in a timely manner.

Rely on us for complete fire damage cleanup in Puyallup as we are reliable and quick to respond to any calls. After reaching the Puyallup site and assessing the fire damage, we try to salvage as many items as possible, including:

  • Household items
  • Memorabilia to be restored
  • Smoke damaged furniture
  • Fire damaged appliances

Using the latest techniques and equipment, we provide fire damage cleanup services in Puyallup in a professional manner. Our motive is to salvage as many items as possible.

Call 24/7 Flood & Fire at (253) 218-3588 when you need the help of experts for fire damage cleanup in Puyallup.

After a fire, call in the experts to take care of fire restoration on your property in Puyallup . Call 24/7 Flood & Fire at (253) 218-3588.