Auburn Mold Removal

Mold-Removal-Auburn-WAMold grows in locations with poor air circulation and excessive moisture. Almost everyone is familiar with mold and has encountered it somewhere, be it on a piece of stale bread or in the shower. However, not many people know that over 50 species of molds, including Stachybotrys (commonly called ‘black mold’) are extremely toxic.

To stay protected against the health concerns caused by mold, you must hire professional black mold removal and mold remediation services if you detect or suspect the presence of mold in your residential or commercial property. Call 24/7 Flood and Fire.

We provide the best black mold removal and mold remediation treatments to resolve your mold problem immediately and effectively. We are staffed by technicians who are:

  • •    Certified in microbial growth remediation
  • •    Rigorously trained in black mold removal and mold remediation
  • •    Extensively experienced in black mold removal and mold remediation

Auburn Mold Remediation

Mold-Remediation-Auburn-WAWe take up your mold removal job with the aim of fixing the problem now, and forever. Our mold remediation is designed as a long-term solution, not a temporary fix. Our technicians handle all aspects of the job diligently, ensuring:

  • •    Proper identification of mold-affected areas
  • •    Proper containment of the mold problem
  • •    Proper mold remediation


The key to efficient mold remediation is prevention of cross contamination. Our experts begin the mold remediation process after sealing the work area securely with containment barriers to prevent the rest of the building from mold contamination. They also strive to identify and fix the root cause of the mold problem to ensure enduring mold remediation.


Auburn Black Mold Removal

Black-Mold-Removal-Auburn-WAWhen black mold spores are disturbed, they release mycotoxins. Exposure of humans and animals to these dangerous chemicals can cause reactions ranging from minor irritation to respiratory problems to death (in rare cases). Therefore, it is critical that black mold removal and mold remediation be done only by a certified microbial growth technician.

We have the qualified and experienced microbial growth technicians you can count on for:

  • •    Quick black mold removal and mold remediation
  • •    Careful and safe black mold removal
  • •    Complete and thorough black mold removal
  • •    Lasting black mold removal solutions to stop the spread of mold in your property


So, don’t panic if you find your home or business place invaded by black mold. Simply get in touch with our certified black mold removal experts.

Dial (253) 218-3588 to hire the expert services of 24/7 Flood and Fire for black mold removal and mold remediation.