Click here to expand details on our 8-step process to get you back to normal again

  • step one
    Step one: Thorough inspection to confirm the source and extent of the water damage.
  • step two
    Step two: Immediate relocation of undamaged or restorable contents and furnishings to an unaffected area, including full documentation.
  • step three
    Step three: Initial extraction of excess standing water to prevent further migration.
  • step four
    Step four: Relocation of non-salvageable contents and furnishings, including full documentation of items of value.
  • step five
    Step five: Removal of any non-salvageable building materials and fixtures or salvageable fixtures when required to address inaccessible wet or suspected wet areas.
  • step six
    Step six: Final extraction and detailed cleaning of entire work area, including hospital grade sanitization of remaining affected structure.
  • step seven
    Step seven: Placement of mechanical drying equipment to rapidly remove moisture trapped in the remaining structure. We back our drying services with a one year warranty against mold and other secondary damage.
  • step eight
    Step eight: Restoring your damaged home to its original condition. The experts at 24/7 Flood and Fire can do it all, from drywall patching and painting, to restoring hardwood floors and replacing cabinetry. We’ll restore your damaged areas to pre-loss or better condition, guaranteed!

Flood Restoration Sammamish


Timely response to flood restoration needs on any Sammamish, WA property goes a long way in limiting the water damage and loss suffered. 24/7 Flood and Fire is a water damage restoration company that appreciates this and offers round-the-clock services.

Flooding or water emergencies do not happen within scheduled business hours, which is why we keep ourselves ready to provide flood restoration services on short notice. Call us, day or night, and expect our flood damage cleanup team to reach you in no time.

We are equipped to handle a flooding emergency of any size or complexity. Our technicians are well-versed with the flood restoration process.

Sammamish residents can count on them to conduct the necessary water extraction and property drying, cleaning, sanitizing, deodorizing, and repairing done to:

  • •   Perfection
  • •   Fix all visible and hidden water damage
  • •   Surpass the highest industry standards
  • •   Exceed their expectations


Fire Restoration Sammamish


Fire can devastate a property and the damage can continue long after the fire trucks have left the site. Besides fixing damage caused by smoldering flames, our fire restoration services for Sammamish properties include:

  • •   Repairing damage from flooding during firefighting
  • •   Deep cleaning soot embedded into carpets and upholstery
  • •   Removing smoke odor pervading the property


We put knowledgeable and diligent technicians to work on fire restoration jobs, and our clients have called our services nothing short of amazing. We are trained to work along a systematic fire damage restoration process, using time-tested fire restoration procedures.

Our objective while providing fire restoration services in Sammamish is to get the affected properties up and running in the least time possible.

Restoration Services


When you need fire or flood restoration services, you are probably at your most vulnerable. You want to find a company that understands your situation and tries to ease it, rather than profiting from it.

Put your mind at rest by calling us if you have the misfortune to need fire or flood restoration services in Sammamish. We are a family-owned and operated company that has been in the disaster mitigation and restoration business since 2007.

We attend to your floor or fire restoration needs with technicians who are:

  • •   Safe to let inside your home or business place
  • •   Proven masters at their job
  • •   Committed to doing every job to the best of their abilities


Call 24/7 Flood and Fire at 253-218-3588 to schedule fire or flood restoration services in Sammamish.