Click here to expand details on our 8-step process to get you back to normal again

  • step one
    Step one: Thorough inspection to confirm the source and extent of the water damage.
  • step two
    Step two: Immediate relocation of undamaged or restorable contents and furnishings to an unaffected area, including full documentation.
  • step three
    Step three: Initial extraction of excess standing water to prevent further migration.
  • step four
    Step four: Relocation of non-salvageable contents and furnishings, including full documentation of items of value.
  • step five
    Step five: Removal of any non-salvageable building materials and fixtures or salvageable fixtures when required to address inaccessible wet or suspected wet areas.
  • step six
    Step six: Final extraction and detailed cleaning of entire work area, including hospital grade sanitization of remaining affected structure.
  • step seven
    Step seven: Placement of mechanical drying equipment to rapidly remove moisture trapped in the remaining structure. We back our drying services with a one year warranty against mold and other secondary damage.
  • step eight
    Step eight: Restoring your damaged home to its original condition. The experts at 24/7 Flood and Fire can do it all, from drywall patching and painting, to restoring hardwood floors and replacing cabinetry. We’ll restore your damaged areas to pre-loss or better condition, guaranteed!

Flood Restoration Des Moines

flood-restoration-des-moines-waIs your home or business property flooded with water? When every second counts and is crucial, you want an experienced flood restoration team you can count on.

Flood restoration requires urgency and experience. Fully trained and experienced, the experts at 24/7 Flood and Fire respond immediately to any flood restoration needs in Des Moines, WA. We can minimize loss and meet every flood restoration challenge with:

  • •  Professionalism
  • •  Attention to detail
  • •  Reliability
  • •  Respect


Recognizing that water damage can bring your daily operations to a halt we do whatever it takes to restore your property back to normal with minimal disruption. Our flood restoration process is aimed to help people and their property.

We offer restoration services that Des Moines residents can rely on to minimize the impact of flooding and water damage.

Fire Restoration Des Moines

fire-restoration-des-moines-waThe fire trucks may be gone but without a prompt fire restoration response, the real fire damage and the costs are only beginning. Not all fire damage can be visible to the naked eye. To return your home or business property to its pre-fire condition, you need professional fire restoration services in Des Moines.

When disaster strikes, timing is of the essence. A fleet of emergency response vehicles and a wide range of equipment ensure that we can respond, assess, plan and implement resources to:

  • •  Mitigate your loss
  • •  Protect your property
  • •  Restore your peace of mind


Restoration Services

restoration-services-des-moines-waThe damage left behind by a flood or fire can be an overwhelming task for an untrained person. Using the incorrect tools or materials can increase the damage caused by water and smoke. Count on us for professional flood and fire restoration services in the Des Moines area.

We have been providing flood and fire restoration services since 2007. Over the years, we have built a reputation for high-quality restoration services at affordable prices.

We understand that water or fire damage can occur at any time of the day or night and that our customers require immediate assistance.

That is why we are available around the clock. Here are a few more reasons why you should choose our flood and fire restoration services in Des Moines:

  • •  Family-owned and operated business
  • •  BBB accreditation, with ‘A’ rating
  • •  Certified restoration specialists
  • •  Help with the insurance process


For all your flood and fire restoration needs in Des Moines, call 24/7 Flood and Fire at 253-218-3588.